We have to have fun, too

Announcement from Angela Cerci, Executive Director of RezDawg Rescue:

Rez dog runs towards a free meal.

Rez dawg rescue is always “about the dogs and cats.” Cost-effective and efficient rescue is about communication. We at RezDawg are very proud of our growing network of volunteers, partner organizations and donors that make up the RezDawg family. By working as a team, we rescued, fostered and transported over 1,150 dogs in 2015 and 2016 is shaping up to be even busier. We’re opening our Thrift Store, we’re raising money to purchase a new and better equipped transport van, and we’re always working to build relationships with people and groups that will help us accomplish our mission: Save. Heal. Adopt.

Make no mistake, rescue is incredibly rewarding but we don’t always get the outcome we’d like. Over time, that can wear on your soul. In an effort to make sure our volunteers and partner organizations don’t suffer from the burnout that’s so common in our world, we’ve been working on a new partnership to deliver good news, great rescue stories and helpful information to you on a regular basis.

We’re proud to announce that beginning in April, Steven Sable from The Rez Dog Biographies (facebook The Rez Dog Biographies, stevensable.com) will become RezDawg Rescue’s official Blogger. It will be his responsibility to share RezDawg’s success stories, provide useful rescue-related information, and make us laugh whenever possible. He’s a terrific photographer, so I know you’ll enjoy his photos of the animals and landscapes, like the one above.

You’re all incredibly important to us and we want you to value your relationship with RezDawg as much as we value our relationship with you. It’s our hope that twice a month, you’ll check in with Steve and the RezDawg team and be reminded that while rescue can be hard, there is a bright side to everything we do. You should be proud of your role in rescue – as big or small as it may be. We’re certainly proud of you, and we hope Steve can remind you that your efforts make a difference. Especially to the dogs and cats…