Animal Transport Services

Rescuing dogs and cats from the Four Corners region of the US Southwest keeps our team busy! We coordinate with the Navajo and Zuni peoples to transport animals about every two weeks from Gallup, NM to the Front Range and Western Slope of Colorado. If you represent a rescue group or shelter that would like the opportunity to participate, please give us a call!

Did you know that you can make a donation to support the animals’ transportation costs?

  • $30 sponsors one animal
  • $500 will pay for an entire trip
  • Any amount in between will help these animals reach their ultimate goal of a loving new home.

So, please consider making a charitable donation to the RezDawg Rescue transportation fund. We’re a certified tax-exempt charity and all contributions are tax deductible.




About our transport van

Our transport van makes the process much easier on our animals and drivers, has boosted travel safety and reliability and, most importantly, has enabled us to carry these appreciative animals to their foster homes and, subsequently, their permanent homes much more efficiently. We can transfer as many as 50 animals (depending on how big our travelers are) per trip now, safely and comfortably.

We have a 2015 Dodge 2500 with an extended chassis and custom interior that meets all regulations for animal transport mandated by the Department of Agriculture and our PACFA animal transport license # is PL0021JP.

van1The passenger side has a sliding door that enables convenient loading of animals and supplies.

van2The fixed kennels are constructed of stainless steel on 5 sides for easy sanitizing and durability. The clear plexi-glass doors provide extra ventilation and the safety locks on each one ensure that no animal accidentally tumbles out during a trip. There is a separate, high-powered heating and air conditioning system to keep all our animals comfortable, no matter what the weather is outside.

van3Accessed through the van’s back doors, the rear kennels are constructed identically to the row kennels. Space between the kennel doors and the van doors when shut allows for efficient air flow. If we’re transporting particularly frightened animals, we will place them in these back kennels so that they have their own quiet space away from the occupants of the van’s main interior.

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