Animal Rescue Services

We focus on four animal rescue services: Adoption, Relocation, Fostering, Spay/Neuter & Vaccination Services. Whether we are finding animals a temporary home, finding a forever home, or transporting to another rescue organization, we are always focusing on saving animal lives and educating communities on how best to deal with animals in need. Learn more about who we are and how you can help.


Adopting an animal through RezDawg Rescue creates a positive impact in three ways: enriching your life by adding a loving new family member, saving a deserving cat or dog, and decreasing the homeless pet population in the southwestern US. We’ve heard many people say that adopting a RezDawg Rescue animal not only saves the animal’s life, but helps save their own. Also, your adoption fee assists more animals in finding their permanent homes, funds relocation and transportation, and provides emergency medical and spay/neuter services. View our adoptable dogs and adoptable cats today.

Relocation and Transportation Services

An integral aspect of our mission is the relocation and transport of deserving dogs and cats – removing as many as possible from hopeless, dangerous situations — in accordance with the ASPCA’s Best Practices Agreement. Thanks to multiple grants, we are able to transport dozens of animals 1-2 times per month from southwestern Colorado, southeastern Utah, northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona. From there, RezDawg Rescue foster families care for and bring some animals to our adoption events, while we transfer others to our wonderful, no-kill partner organizations, all to help these saved animals find their forever homes. All animals have health certificates and are current on required interstate travel vaccinations.


Often, needy dogs and cats require temporary lodging and care while we work to find them permanent homes. Fostering makes an amazing difference to these lonely animals as they transition from homelessness or a shelter into the arms of a welcoming volunteer foster who provides a safe, warm space in which to experience love, stability, play and positive interactions. RezDawg Rescue provides food, if needed, and any medical attention during the foster commitment; fosters provide the fun. Some of our foster parents start out caring for a dog or cat short-term, but decide that they want their new friend to stay forever! We’re always pleased when this situation happens because the foster parents know these animals best.

Spay/Neuter & Vaccination Services

We provide services to community members who cannot afford spay/neuter and vaccinations. At one recent event, we sterilized 125 dogs and cats, received 15 unwanted puppies and dogs who were surrendered to us, and helped save a trapped dog.