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2019 year in review

2019 was an incredible year for so many dogs and cats! Thanks to our incredible network of volunteers, fosters, donors, rescue partners and fans, RezDawg Rescue had a positive impact for a lot of families. In 2019, we drove 81,200 miles during 58 trips across the Four Corners region so that we could rescue 1,754 dogs and cats. The numbers… Read more →

2018 year in review

Want to know the impact of all of our amazing volunteers, fosters, donors, rescue partners and fans? In 2018, we made 50 trips — driving 61,832 miles across the Four Corners region — in order to rescue 1,624 dogs and cats. Please check out our 2018 year-in-review infographic and see how together we helped save homeless pets through our transport,… Read more →

RezDawg Rescue and the 2018 Finish Line

Last chance to save 2,000 RezDawgs and Rez Cats in 2019! Even a $10 donation saves lives… Your generosity throughout 2018 helped us rescue, transport, spay/neuter, vaccinate, foster, and adopt over 1,600 animals in need from the Four Corners Region. Our goal is to rescue over 2,000 animals during 2019 and to do that, we need your help. Time is running out to make a tax-deductible,… Read more →

Open volunteer positions

If you are interested in helping RDR succeed and would like to contribute your skills, please consider volunteering in one of these positions. Occasionally, we have other temporary positions available as well. Please email Angela Cerci or call her 505-399-1654 to learn more. Volunteer Coordinator Responding to volunteers who wish to get involved and onboarding new volunteers. Cat Care Coordinator… Read more →

Natural Born Healers by Steven Sable

The crucible that is the Rez produces strong, smart and loving dogs.  Generation after generation of RezDawgs face starvation, abuse and plain old bad luck.  But nature provides and when a Rez dog faces a problem, they overcome adversity by depending on ancestral knowledge passed down by true survivors.  Good mamas explain, “when you’re hungry, bees are an option but… Read more →

New Grant from Maddie’s Fund by Steven Sable

Rescue requires a higher level of customer service than retail, banking or the restaurant business.  In simple terms, rescues need to maintain a higher attention to detail because our clients are also our bosses – and because we have so many of them. We work for the dogs/cats we rescue and owe them the best possible experience.  We’re directly responsible… Read more →

Cat People by Steven Sable

In conclusion:  Puma found her forever people (in a one-pet household), endorphins were released and rescue is easier and more rewarding than you think. … There is irony in being the de facto cat lady for a dog rescue.  It loosens a bit when you consider that Jayma has/does rescue dogs and RezDawg Rescue has saved thousands of cats from… Read more →

Gertie’s Story, Part 2/by Steven Sable

  From Part 1 of Gertie’s story:  “Gertie had been rescued but wasn’t out of danger. She was in much worse shape than Polly knew…” Polly knew Gertie’s obvious problems were alarming enough.  Good nutrition would eventually rejuvenate her immune system and that would allow the wound on her cheek (that refused to heal) to heal itself.  But her crooked… Read more →