Happy Tail PetSmart Boulder

We feel a sense of accomplishment when our animals are adopted into loving homes. True, we didn’t make them cute and irresistible. But we did rescue them from the Rez, made sure they were healthy and socialized, and generally hung out for a few weeks getting to know each other. We become invested.

That’s why we love receiving the one-year adoptaversary pics/video/story updates our adopters send in. They’re confirmation that the RezDawg adoption process effectively finds “loving homes.”

But you know whats better than that? Adopters who send updates and return to adopt from RezDawg again. (And again.) We’ve decided this means the RezDawg adoption process effectively finds “loving homes” AND we’re easy to do business with.

But you know what’s better than even that? When someone who encounters A LOT of animals decides to adopt from RezDawg, repeatedly.

Elora works at the Boulder PetSmart and just adopted Bentley (the black and white one, now Eris, is her third cat from RezDawg.) As Elora puts it, “they’re our world…they are all very good babies.”

(The calico is Harriet, the gray one is Harlow, black one is Cayde, white one is Captain, and then Bentley is now Eris.)

We couldn’t do what we do without you and as much as rescue is fetch and belly-rubs, sometimes it’s a business too. We care about the belly-rubs, but we also care that our processes accomplish our mission: Save. Heal. Adopt.

When someone knowledgeable in “the business” as Elora is a repeat customer, that means we’re accomplishing the mission successfully. And she sends pics! How cool is that?

While that feels pretty good, it’s nothing compared to Eris’ first night’s sleep in a forever home. Or Elora’s grin when Eris snuggles on her neck during TV time. These are the reasons we rescue and we just wanted to share a snapshot of that from the RezDawg side of the formula.